Worksheet Wednesday: USA Flag Coloring Page


It’s finally here — my favorite holiday! (Imagine me clapping and doing awkward cheerleading jumps here.) I’m counting down the hours until I get to eat MORE Patriotic Snack Mix (and some pie, of course) while I watch colorful fireworks burst over the lake…

But before I indulge in that, I’m posting one last patriotic worksheet, or rather, coloring page. I made this printable with G-Spec dimensions (meaning it’s the government-approved measurements and ratios) because I’m a flag nerd, like that. Oh yes my friends, this is THE regulation 1×1.9 USA Flag ratio with properly proportioned .0616 diameter stars. Please print this out, talk to your kids about our great country and our great flag and what it stands for.

While this printable USA Flag can be used as a simple coloring page, let your Superkids get creative with it — cut the flag out, attach it to long skewers or dowels to create a handcrafted flag, or print multiple sheets and string together to make a banner. Or, if you really want to be serious, cut the colored flag out and teach your little patriots how to fold the flag properly.

You get the idea.. so, download our free printable USA Flag Coloring Page.

Oh wait! If you’re looking for a last-minute 4th of July decoration, it’s not too late to print and assemble our free USA Banner! It’s my favorite–I’m going to have a hard time taking it down when it’s Back to School season…

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