Where’s the Green?

Is it just me, or is March sneaking up way too fast? I won’t sound very super admitting this, yet I’m just not prepared for St. Patrick’s Day yet. I haven’t put up even one decoration, nor have I finalized our crafts for the Irish season. I just need to get through this week! (Of course, that is what I told myself last week, too.)

In the meantime, here are a couple printable worksheets to get your kids ready. First up, the St. Patrick’s Day handwriting printable.

St. Patrick's Day handwriting Printable

Next up, some shamrock love. We have a dot-to-dot for the older kids and a tracing printable for the youngest.

Shamrock Worksheets for Kindergarten and Preschool

Be sure to show off your kid’s completed worksheets on our Facebook page — we love seeing their art!



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4 thoughts on “Where’s the Green?”

  1. Yay!! You know how much I LOVE St. Patty’s Day!! Thanks for these awesome worksheets we can use to decorate the house! Oh, and I’ve taken pictures of ALL of our Supermom activities to post… if only I was as good as my intentions ;)


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