Worksheet Wednesday: Batty Math

Halloween Printable Math Worksheet

With a die or two, today’s worksheet becomes an extra fun Halloween activity at home or in the classroom.

These worksheets are inspired by the dice graphing my son does at school — Liam loves rolling dice then graphing the sum of the dots. For this worksheet, rather than graphing our results, color the corresponding number on the bats. For your youngest kids, use one die — no addition is needed. Older kids will enjoy the challenge of adding 2 dice. For more fun, time how long it takes to complete or make it a race among classmates!

Download 1-6 worksheet here.
Download 2-12 worksheet here.

2 thoughts on “Worksheet Wednesday: Batty Math”

  1. Looks wonderful! My son would surely enjoy rolling dice and coloring. Fun way to learn how to count and add! Thank you for sharing this. :-)

  2. I like your Pre tracing lines and your batty math. I will use batty math as a matching game for the children with special needs


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