Letter to Santa

Christmas is quickly approaching, and time to get your letters to and from the North Pole is quickly diminishing! In fact, it’s recommended to have them in the mail by tomorrow. Yikes! Never fear—another template is here.

We FINALLY sat down to write our letters to Santa. To make it easier, Liam helped me create this Letter to Santa template. (Yes, the letter is his words, and he told me he wanted three lines to write on.) It’s super easy. Download our template, and have your kiddos write in what they want. As for Santa’s reply, read Bettijo’s informative post about how to get a letter from Santa postmarked from the North Pole.

Liam loves getting any kind of mail, and when his letter from Santa arrives, he’s going to be thrilled. But I wonder… how many more years until Santa streamlines things and only wants texts…

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