Tips for Watercoloring with Kids

Tips Watercoloring With Kids 15

I’ve always loved painting, art, and pretty much all things creative. In my pre-mom days I had these visions of beautiful afternoons spent painting with my future children. After becoming a mom, the reality was I would actually cringe when the kids requested to paint — things just get messy so fast, and as moms we try to avoid messes, right?

Yet painting was something I really wanted to be able to enjoy with my kids. I still don’t have the nerve to really let the kids loose with acrylics or craft paint, but I have figured out some simple ways to make watercoloring easy to manage with the kids, and I’ve partnered with Munchkin to share them with you all today.

Love these tips to simplify doing art with kids @PagingSupermom

Love these @munchkin No-Tip Cups for watercoloring with kids via @PagingSupermom

One of the biggest problem we would run into while watercoloring is that my kids would frequently — as in nearly every time — knock over their cups of water. Of course the water would run everywhere and often ruin the masterpiece they were working on.

Love these @munchkin No-Tip Cups for watercoloring with kids via @PagingSupermom

My friends at Munchkin sent me some of their Miracle toddler cups to try — they have a 360 Miracle Cup that is a replacement for sippy cups (and trust me you will NEVER go back), they also have these No-Tip Toddler Cups, which are clearly an ideal solution for watercoloring… and dinnertime.

Maybe my family is just incredibly clumsy… I swear, before we got these cups, at least half of our meal times would involve a spill of one kind or another. Even my older kids would frequently knock their cups over. Does this happen to you too?

Love these @munchkin No-Tip Cups for watercoloring with kids via @PagingSupermom

Love these @munchkin No-Tip Cups for watercoloring with kids via @PagingSupermom

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Inside Out Free Printables + Movie Review

Inside Out Party Ideas 7

Last week my girls and I saw an advanced screening of Disney/Pixar’s new Inside Out. We all loved the movie, and it’s really saying something when both my 4 year old and me enjoy a show so much we can’t wait to see it again. Afterwards, my girls and I brainstormed Inside Out party ideas and crafts over ice cream. Our favorite idea was this “Jar of Joy.”

Free Printable Joy gift tags or party favors, inspired by Disney's Inside Out Movie via @PagingSupermom

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Free Printable Statue of Liberty Crown

Free Printable Statue Of Liberty Crown

Today is another Printable Blog Hop! Just in time for the Fourth of July, today’s blog hop includes 12 fun Patriotic printables from our blogger friends.

How to Make a Statue of Liberty Crown at

First off, how cute is Miss Modette wearing our free printable Statue of Liberty Crown? This has to be one of the coolest printables we’ve offered in a while. I know all my kiddos will love wearing these to go watch the fireworks on July 4th. Since it turned out so neat we decided to also include a sheet of extra extension bands so the crown can be sized for adults (you know, because I want to wear it too!)

Free Printable Statue of Liberty Crown at PagingSupermom.com12 Free Patriotic Printables at

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