Fourth of July Cap DIY

We are happy to welcome our friends from Small Fry today. These ladies have such fab, modern style, and today they are sharing with us a cool July 4th DIY project. Take it away Emily…

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Patriotic Cap Tutorial from Small Fry via @PagingSupermom

Fourth of July is one of those holidays where dressing up is encouraged. Showing patriotism only adds to the fun of the day, but spending a lot of money on those one-time wear items is silly! Here is a quick, at-home DIY that costs about a dollar or less.

Patriotic Cap Tutorial from Small Fry via @PagingSupermom

What you’ll need:
:: Thin paintbrush
:: Acrylic paint – We are acrylic paint fans. Fabric paint is usually just more expensive but acrylic does the job just fine.
:: Hat – You can find these youth-size, snap-back, trucker-style hats at dollar stores, or if they’re out usually craft stores carry them too.

Patriotic Cap Tutorial from Small Fry via @PagingSupermom

Here’s what to do:
Just hold the hat, starting from the bottom and stripe away. You can make it look as much or as little like an actual flag as you’d like. For such a small hat we just fit what we could with stripes. If you like a perfect stripe you can tape off your lines, but we love the weathered look for this project.

Once you’ve got your flag design painted, let it dry completely. You can touch up edges with a fine tip brush best after the majority of the paint is dry to avoid smudging with your fingers.

Patriotic Cap Tutorial from Small Fry via @PagingSupermom

Once July 4th comes around you’ll be ready to go!

Need more Patriotic fashion ideas? We have three more ideas for tank tops and sneakers right here. Follow along with us on social media @SmallFryBlog.

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