Make Your Own Globe & Earth Day Ideas

A few years ago we created some really cool ideas for an Earth Day celebration. My favorite part was the DIY globe, and creating this amazing time lapse video of a bean sprouting. Now that I am homeschooling my kids, I think it’s time to do the homemade globe project again!

Make Your Own Globe

This easy handmade globe is created using papier-mâché over a round balloon — we used a punching balloon. You’ll also need recycled paper, torn into 1-inch strips, water and flour.

DIY Paper Mache Globe Project from #earthday

Whisk together 1 part flour to 1-1/2 parts water to form a paste. Dip paper strips into the paste and layer on the balloon until it is completely covered. Let sit overnight until dry. You may wish to add several layers, depending on time constraints.


Once dry, you may choose to discard the inner balloon by popping it and removing it through the balloon-tie hole. Paint the dried globe with blue craft paint.


Download our free printable Continents Template. Print, color and cut out the landmasses. Generously apply a clear sealer (such as Mod Podge) to adhere the colored continents and then to cover and protect the entire globe. Let sit overnight to dry. Use a canning ring to display to proudly display your handmade globe.


Free Printable Continents Template
Punching Balloon
Recycled Paper, 1-inch strips
Blue Acrylic Craft Paint
Mod Podge
Canning Ring

More fun Earth Day ideas…


Transform metallic cellophane chip bags into a tassel garland.

Recycled Map Party Hats for Earth Day PagingSupermom.comRoll up maps and secure with washi tape to make party hats!

Ombre Veggie Tray for Earth Day PagingSupermom.comMake an ombre veggie tray by arranging a variety of sliced green veggies on a serving tray in order from light to dark. Serve with my easiest homemade ranch dip recipe that is always a crowd-pleaser.

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