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Last week my girls and I saw an advanced screening of Disney/Pixar’s new Inside Out. We all loved the movie, and it’s really saying something when both my 4 year old and me enjoy a show so much we can’t wait to see it again. Afterwards, my girls and I brainstormed Inside Out party ideas and crafts over ice cream. Our favorite idea was this “Jar of Joy.”

Free Printable Joy gift tags or party favors, inspired by Disney's Inside Out Movie via @PagingSupermom

In the film, you go inside the mind of Riley, an eleven year old girl whose family just moved from Minnesota to San Francisco. In her “headquarters” Riley’s emotions monitor all the activity in her life, and memories are captured in glowing, marble-like spheres. The happy memories reminded us of yellow candies, and I created these free printable “Jar of Joy” gift tags to package up with Lemonheads. These are a fun treat for friends and a perfect Inside Out party favor.

Free Printable Joy Gift Tags inspired by Disney's Inside Out Movie via @PagingSupermom

TO MAKE: Download and print our free printable tags. There is a circle version that you can quickly cut out using this punch, and it fits perfectly inside the ring lid of a canning jar. We’ve also made hanging tags that you can use a bunch of different ways.

Free Printable Joy Gift Tags inspired by Disney's Inside Out Movie via @PagingSupermom

If I’m being completely honest, I must admit I didn’t have high expectations for this movie. My kids were excited about it after seeing a few trailers and some of the Inside Out character item’s popping up in stores. However, to me the film looked like a veiled lesson on how to talk about your feelings. Since I wasn’t all that confident that Hollywood could deliver on that important subject, I was apprehensive about this show.

Inside Out Headquarters via @PagingSupermom

I was pleasantly surprised at how thoughtful and clever the script was at incorporating so many real aspects of psychology. Inside Out takes you on a tour of the inner workings of an eleven-year-old’s mind including Long-Term Memory Storage, Abstract Thought, Dreamland, and the Subconscious, on the way to the literal Train of Thought. For a detailed review of the movie’s plot line check out Parent Previews (our favorite place for family-friendly movie reviews).

Inside Out Sadness and Joy via @PagingSupermom

As someone who suffers from depression, I appreciated seeing how the emotions could color both memories and actions. Check out this interesting article for more on the scientific input for Inside Out.

I love seeing the voices behind the characters — if you do to be sure to watch this video. You and your kids are likely to fall in love with a certain character, which I think is an interesting glimpse at perhaps which emotion reigns supreme in your mind?

I recommend arriving to the theater in time to catch Disney’s Lava short that plays right before — it was adorable and we found ourselves singing the song for days after. Also be sure to stay for the ending credits which feature a bunch of glimpses inside other people’s — and even a dog’s — head. They are so funny and this part was one of our favorites.


Disney/Pixar provided us a bundle of free printables including Inside Out coloring pages, a fun chart showing emotions from around the world, and these super-fun, emotion door hangers. Our kids went wild over these colorful door hangers, and are having fun switching them around to reflect either their own emotions or current state of their room. I couldn’t help thinking these door hangers are also perfect to hang on your front door for an Inside Out birthday party or movie-watching party. Head over to our Pinterest board for more Inside Out ideas.


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