Free Printable Rainbow Loom Valentine

Like most girls in America, my oldest two are currently obsessed with their Rainbow Looms. So naturally we needed a Rainbow Loom Valentine that they can give classmates. I am not sure whether I was inspired by Brave, Katniss or Cupid, but my girls were keen on the bow-and-arrow motif too.

Free Printable Rainbow Loom Valentine at #valentines #rainbowloom

I actually thought the task of creating enough bracelets for each member of the class would be daunting, but my nine year old whipped them out in a single Saturday, and I was more than happy to have her occupied.

Print and cut out enough of the Rainbow Loom Valentines templates. Attach the Rainbow Loom bracelets using one of these methods:

1 :: EASIER. Cut a straight slit from the right side of the card into each of the circles on the top and bottom of the bow. Slide on the bracelet. Depending on the thickness of the cardstock, you may wish to tape along the backside of the slits.

2 :: NEATER. Use a craft knife to cut an X slightly large than the circles on the top and bottom of the bow. Unclip the rubber band bracelets and thread through the holes. It is easiest to use the end that still has a clip on it as a sort of needle and push from back to front on the top circle. Then take the clipped end back through the bottom circle from front to back. Reattach the clip to the loose end, and you’re done.

Free Printable Rainbow Loom Valentine at #valentines #rainbowloom

:: Download our free printable Rainbow Loom Valentine Template – Black
:: Download the Reversed Rainbow Loom Valentine Template — this one has black lettering on a white background to conserve ink, and it can also be printed on colored cardstock.

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  1. Is it possible to have the colors inverted as to save on ink? And to have the possibility of printing on colored cardstock (my daughter loves bright colors and would have picked this printable for her Valentine’s this year if we had that option).

  2. I don’t often leave comments but I just had to say how much I LOVE these cards! This design is by far the cutest, cleverest loom card I’ve seen. It has everything I was looking for – not overly corny, the bracelet is incorporated into the design, easy to print and assemble. Thank you so much for sharing!


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