Books Alive: I Scream Ice Cream!

Today we are just giddy to have our friend Amber of Damask Love visiting. This girl is loads of fun, super crafty and about to become a total Supermom.

Hey there, Supermoms! I’m thrilled to be a part of the Books Alive series. As a mom-to-be, with my first little one on the way, I have been having a great time picking out books that I’ll read to the baby. Many of the other Books Alive blog posts have featured some of my favorites, and I’m hoping today I’ll introduce another fun book that you’ll add to your own collection.

This book looks so cute and love the little ice cream cone craft via @PagingSupermom

I Scream, Ice Cream is not your typical storybook. It’s a fun, interactive book full of “wordles” that you and your child will really enjoy. Truth be told… it’s even fun for adults. When I brought the book home, I shared it with my husband and he had a great time playing along. Now you’re probably wondering what a “wordle” is. Well, it’s a word riddle. One page will feature a fun illustration of a “Princess Cape,” but turn the page and you’ll find a image of someone shouting “Prince, escape!” I really love how fun this book is and how it gets you so involved.

To create a project to go with this fun book, I decided to create my own adorable paper ice cream cones inspired by the fun title. Since I’m an avid paper crafter at heart, it made sense that I’d use paper as the main focus of my project. These cute ice cream cones are easy to make and perfect for dressing up gift tags or homemade stationery.

Cute Paper Ice Cream Cone Tutorial via @PagingSupermom

TO MAKE: Punch a piece of pink cardstock with a scalloped circle paper punch. Then cut it with scissors as shown. :: 2. Punch a piece of dark brown cardstock with a scalloped circle paper punch and cut it with scissors as shown. :: 3. Use scissors to cut a cone shape from light brown cardstock. :: 4. Punch a small heart from red cardstock. You can also just cut this out with scissors if you prefer. :: 5. Stack up your “ingredients” as shown and glue them all together. Easy!

Cute Paper Ice Cream Cone Tutorial via @PagingSupermom

This book looks so cute and love the little ice cream cone craft via @PagingSupermom

These cones are a great, easy craft to to with your kids and I’m sure you’ll find lots of fun, creative ways to use them!

Amber lives in Miami, Florida where she works by day as a child psychologist. Once the workday is done, you can find her crafting like a madwoman. She shares loads of fun ideas and fabulous, easy-to-follow tutorials at Damask Love.

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