DIY Teepee Kids Craft and Centerpiece

Easy Indian Native American DIY Teepees Centerpiece idea for #Thanksgiving from @PaigngSupermom #ShutterflyDecor

These adorable teepees are made from just plain, white paper and toothpicks — they really couldn’t be easier. I made them with my youngest son when he was feeling a bit under the weather and had to stay home from school.

Easy Native American Teepee Kids Craft Project via @PagingSupermom #family #KidsCrafts

These paper teepees are so simple, we think they would make a great school, craft project — maybe at a Thanksgiving Class Party? Since they are easy you can make a bunch for a village on your mantle or as a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

Easy Teepee Kids Craft Project via @PagingSupermom #family #KidsCrafts

TO MAKE: Roll your paper into a cone and add a strip of glue to hold the cone shape. Trim off the excess paper, and then trim the bottom so it will sit level. Glue three toothpicks into the opening on top to look like teepee poles.

Easy Native American Indian Teepee Kids Craft Project via @PagingSupermom #family #KidsCrafts

Simply by rolling a wider cone, your paper won’t quite meet at the bottom, which creates the look of a teepee’s door.

Here’s a couple of my Thanksgiving Tablescapes featuring these adorable DIY teepees:
Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas from @PagingSupermom

Mod Tribal Thanksgiving Kids Table with free downloads from @PagingSupermom #ShutterflyDecor


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