Make Forest Fairy Houses in the Great Outdoors

Here in Arizona, Fall means we can finally venture outdoors, so I guess we’re on a bit of an outdoors kick. Last week we shared ideas to help you go outdoors with your kids, and this week I’ve got a fun and imaginary outdoor activity: building tiny fairy houses out of items you collect in the forest!

Fairy House Ideas - great outdoor activity for kids to make while camping in the forest via @PagingSupermom
We made Fairy Doors on trees while exploring the great outdoors via @PagingSupermom

We went up to the mountains recently and stayed with some friends in a beautiful cabin. The kids were a little restless one day, so I dug into my childhood memories of making woodland fairy houses with my mom; whenever we were camping. Since I love all things miniature, it was one of my favorite outdoor activities, and so I showed the kids how to set up little fairy homes with beds, dressers, tables, and any other decoration or furniture our creativity could think of.

If you’ve just got boys, perhaps you might consider these houses for a little gnome rather than a fairy. Regardless, my boys loved this forest game — they built a tree house, a mini playground and even an electrical generating plant!

Gnome houses in the forest made by kids while camping via @PagingSupermom
love these darling fairy houses made by kids while camping in the forest via @PagingSupermom

My 16-year-old daughter and our 6-year-old friend (the only girls), happily made a fairy village with multiple fairy houses and then a store. Each one was increasingly detailed and filled with tiny wonders.

how to make fairy houses in the forest via @PagingSupermom
great idea of forest games to do with kids while camping or exploring the great outdoors via @PagingSupermom
Acorn tops were great dishes on tiny tables in our fairy houses.

We made fairy doors on trees, collected twigs for walls, used leaves as bedding, rugs and plates. Small bits of bark pulled off a twig made excellent cups and vases filled with tiny flowers or grasses. Bark worked for beds, and mats. Pine cones were used as potted plants or lamps. Acorn tops were great dishes or hats and rocks and tiny stumps served as tables and chairs.

This activity kept the kids busy for multiple days in the great outdoors, and I loved watching them come up with ideas and use their imaginations as they found uses for various forest treasures.

Love these fairy garden ideas -- such a fun outdoor activities to do with kids while camping in the forest via @PagingSupermom

Here’s another great way to entertain the kids while camping.

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