Eerie Eyes for Halloween

Did you ever have to dissect a cow’s eyeball in middle school science class? I did, and I think I will forever be traumatized by how disgusting and squishy they were. Honestly I can’t really even handle putting in contacts. I guess that’s why I’m a designer and not a doctor. The only eyeballs I want anything to do with are either googly eyes or these fun, free printable dangling eyeballs.

Make this easy, Eerie Eyeball Garland at

Dangling Eyeball Garland from

Red Yarn
Free Printable Eyeball Iris Template
3 Paper Plates

TO MAKE: Begin by making about three yards of Red Vein Garland, follow this tutorial only substitute red yarn for black (Note: You may want to leave the ties a little longer for the vein version). Download and print our three Eyeball Irises in your desired color — there are six to choose from! Cut out irises and glue onto the back side of paper plates. Tape paper plates to the vein garland.

Be sure to pin this photo to your Halloween board so you’ll have it for later!

How to Make an EASY Eyeball Door Garland for Halloween at

:: Download the Free Printable Eyeball Iris Template

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