Pool Noodle Sailboats

Make a Sailboat with a Pool Noodle & Craft Foam #summer #kidscraft

A lot of people ask us how we survive summers in Phoenix — the answer is to pretty much live at the pool! So when Bettijo and I were brainstorming project ideas for Raising Arizona Kids magazine’s July issue, we knew we wanted to make some kind of pool toy.

Make a Sailboat with a Pool Noodle & Craft Foam #summer #kidscraft

I knew we got it just right when I saw my son’s eyes light up after he saw this real, floating sailboat made from nothing more than a pool noodle, craft foam and a barbecue skewer. Get all the details on how to make your own Pool Noodle Sailboats at RaisingArizonaKids.com.


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