Super-Easy Kitty Cat Costume

I dress up like a witch for Halloween every year, and of course a witch needs her trusty black cat. Here’s a super simple and adorable cat costume that you can make in minutes.

Easy Kitty Cat Costume via @PagingSupermom

Easy Kitty Cat Costume via @PagingSupermom

TO MAKE: First cut black felt triangles to create cat ears. If you would like a tracing guide, check out our free printable animal ear templates. Glue the felt pieces around a black headband. Next, take three black pipe cleaners and twist them together in the center to create whiskers. Glue on a pom pom nose right over the part where the pipe cleaners are twisted. Glue the whiskers to a popsicle stick or attach to clear elastic cording for a hands-free version.

Easy Kitty Cat Costume via @PagingSupermom

We used a pink pom pom for a girl cat’s nose and black pom pom for the boy’s version, but both kitties are adorable. MEOW!

Easy Cat Costume via @PagingSupermom

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