Super-tips for Crafting with Kids

Nothing makes a mom feel more super than a successful (meaning no one is whining or frustrated by the end) kids craft session. Crafting with kids can seem like a huge task to plan, but with a few tips you and your kids can be stress-free crafting in no time.

4 Super-tips for Crafting with Kids at #supertips

Tip 1: Keep a go-to stash of craft supplies. I keep cracker boxes, toilet paper tubes, egg cartons, and mail that I would otherwise discard in a box for my kids to color, paint, cut, and glue on. Keep your eyes open for new/used art and crafts items at garage sales and thrift stores. I find most of my supplies there for a fraction of the cost.

Kid-Friendly Craft Supplies and Tips at #supertips #kidscrafts

Tip 2: Keep some craft supplies accessible to your kids so they don’t need your help. Decide what supplies are appropriate for the age of your child to be in charge of and keep them available. My kids are ages five and under so stickers and paper/paperboard are always available to them.

Kid-Friendly Craft Supplies and Tips at #supertips #kidscrafts

Tip 3: Always keep a damp rag and dry rag on hand when crafting with kids. Messes happen! Being ready for it will reduce feelings of fluster.

Tip 4: Celebrate your kids crafts by hanging them on display. Tape it to the wall, tack it to a cork board, or hang it on the fridge. No matter what, kids love to see their creations on display!

I use these tips in my house with my kids and it always ends in smiley faces!

Sara Lanan, mom of four living in Colorado, is also known as the Craft Snob. She loves to sew crooked and laugh in her We Sew Crooked program. If you want to dabble in sewing, her Sewing 101 series is a hit.

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  1. As a mom to three little ones under the age of six, this post is fantastic! I loved it and can’t wait to do this, crafting made easy.


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