DIY Barbed Wire Decor

When decorating for Halloween it is fun to layer on lots of spooky textures. This simple DIY Barbed Wire garland — made from nothing but yarn — quickly ups the roughness and danger factor on your Halloween decor display.

How to make easy, DIY Barbed Wire Garland for Halloween Decor at

TO MAKE: First you willl need a ball of yarn in your desired color. Unravel a strand of yarn that is the length you want for your finished garland and then double it. Cut off a bunch of little 3-inch yarn bits (just approximate — no need to measure), and use to tie square knots along your doubled strands about every 2-3 inches. Trim the knot tails shorter to mimic the barbs on wire.

How to make easy, DIY Barbed Wire Garland for Halloween Decor at

Hang one strand or several — they are so easy to make that your little ones could help you make lots to hang in a big mass. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see how we put this simple technique to use to make another spooky Halloween decoration!


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