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Hi everyone! Kiki from Kiki and Company, and I am so excited to be here today to participate in this Books Alive series. Ya’ll, there is one thing I love more than anything in my life… finding a great children’s book. I love it! I love finding one with meaning and one that makes my kids think. One with great illustrations and one with a great design.

Have you heard of the book What Do You Do With An Idea? Let me tell you right now… you will love it! It’s great for all ages, but especially when your kiddos really start using their imagination, and it may just inspire you too.

My Ideas Brainstorm Worksheet via @pagingsupermom

What to Do With an Idea #BooksAlive via @PagingSupermom

The book starts out with a little boy having an idea; nurturing it and watching it grow; and seeing where those little ideas, that turn into big ideas, take us!

BUT how many times a day do you hear, “Mom, I have an idea….” I don’t know about you, but that phrase is used a TON in my house. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I don’t always give their ideas the time and attention they deserve either… I mean there are just SO many, right?! However, after reading this book to my kids, I decided we should do something about it. Enter a free printable brainstorming worksheet that might change your (and/or their lives):

My Ideas Brainstorm Worksheet via @pagingsupermom

The point of this free printable brainstorming worksheet is to get all of those ideas out and on a piece of paper. Encourage your kiddos to keep one of these handy, and when they have an idea, even if they don’t have time to do anything with it at the moment, encourage them to write it down.

There are two worksheets, one with lines and one that is blank. I envisioned kids using them together (drawing and words), but they can use these pages however the like to best communicate their ideas.

Today my daughter had an idea — she wanted to have a baking day. I told her to take a sheet, brainstorm and let me know what she wanted to make. She wasted no time getting that idea across:

My Ideas Brainstorm Worksheet via @pagingsupermom

So we giggled and quickly got to work making a Watermelon Rice Krispie treat. First we melted marshmallows, then added lots of food coloring and squished the rice krispies into the pan just right. As they hardened, she simply added a few chocolate chips to create the watermelon seeds.

Watermelon Rice Krispie Treats recipe


Lastly, we cut them into wedges and pushed straws in to make a watermelon pop, just like she wanted.

Watermelon Rice Krispie Treats recipe

Not only was it a great afternoon of making memories, but more importantly, she wrote an idea down, figured it out, we got to work, and brought that idea to life!

That process is exactly what I think this book is all about. Get those ideas out; let them stew; figure them out and change the world.

You can find all kinds of fun printables and projects over at Kiki and Company and hope you will come and create fun things with me like this apple wreath (which is perfect for the beginning of school).

:: Download the free Printable My Ideas Worksheet


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