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We are excited to have Jill Nystul of the blog One Good Thing By Jillee visiting today with her daughter Samantha to share a cute story and project idea for our Books Alive summer reading series.

I have probably read a million children’s books to my four children over the years (my oldest is 25 now, and my youngest is 15) and never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would ever be able to say I have a children’s book of my own! But last year my nephew and business partner Scott and I came up with the idea of doing at children’s book based on the nickname my father gave me when I was little and a dream was born! Little did I know that within a year the dream of a book would not only become a reality but it would end up being my favorite children’s book of all time. Of course there’s the chance I might be a little prejudiced, but I hope after you read it you will agree!

Make a Good Things Jar via @PagingSupermom

Jillee Bean and the One Good Thing is the endearing story of a Dad that teaches his daughter all about serving others by doing one “good thing” at a time. In a world where children often feel like they don’t measure up, “Jillee Bean and the One Good Thing” teaches them that every little thing they do adds up to a lot!

Jillee Bean & The One Good Thing Book via @PagingSupermom

With the help of storyteller and illustrator, Samantha Hollister, who is a third-generation Disney artist, the engaging pictures tell the story of the adventures of Jillee Bean as she sets off to fill her jelly bean jar with good deeds. I hope you and your children will love the story as much as we do and that you’ll be inspired to start filling your own jelly bean jar with “good things.”

We created this simple DIY Candy Jar tutorial and printable that is sure to be just the thing you need to get started!

Make a Good Things Jar via @PagingSupermom

Of course you can use these cute jars for many things besides candy. They’re great in the bathroom for cotton balls, q-tips, etc, and equally great for office supplies on your desk. You could even paint the tops a custom color to match your decor.

This is what you will need:

DIY Apothecary-style candy jars tutorial via @PagingSupermom

DIY Candy Jars

  • used glass jar with a screw on lid
  • (for tips on taking the labels off of your jars click here!)
  • (If it’s a pickle jar – make sure to save the juice!)
  • silver spray paint (or whatever color you want)
  • wooden knobs
  • E-6000 craft glue

Put down some butcher paper or newspaper outside, and set out your lids and wooden knobs on top of it.

Add a drop of glue to each wooden knob and attach to the center of each lid.

Allow to dry for a few minutes.

How to Make upcycled Apothecary-style Candy Jars via @PagingSupemrom #upcycled

Spray the lids and knobs with a light, even coat of silver paint. One coat should be enough, but if you think it could use more, wait 10 to 15 minutes and do another light coat. Don’t spray the inside of the lids if you plan on putting any type of food in them.

DIY Apothecary-style candy jars tutorial via @PagingSupermom

Now you will have a nice set of jars worthy of just about any type of display!

Make a Good Things Jar via @PagingSupermom

Good Things Jar Tag #freeprintable via @PagingSupermom

For more information about ordering Jillee Bean & The One Good Thing go to

Jill Nystul is the creative force behind the blog One Good Thing by Jillee. She launched her site in 2011 on a simple premise — sort through the clutter of life and share one good thing with her readers each day. Millions of people now look to “Jillee” each month for tips on living a more frugal and healthy life.

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