Trick-Or-Treating Lantern

This eerie lantern is way more fun than a flashlight to take trick or treating! We recently saw mason jars turned into adorable lanterns, but cringed at the thought of our costumed kiddos tromping through the neighborhood carrying glass. So our spookier version is made from a plastic mayonnaise jar.

Kid-Safe DIY Lantern to make and take Trick or Treating #halloween #kidscraft #trickortreat

SUPPLIES: To make this lantern you’ll need an empty plastic jar (we preferred the Kraft Mayonnaise jar shape) along with tie wire, wire cutters, acrylic craft paint, decoupage paste, paint brush and a battery-operated tealight.

How to make this Eerie Halloween Lantern from a Mayo jar at #halloween #tutorial #trickortreat

PAINT THE JAR: Pour out about a 1/3 cup of decoupage paste (don’t measure, just estimate), add a small dollop of paint and mix well. Use your paint brush to apply the paint mixture to the inside of the plastic jar. Let dry completely.

Cute Kid-Safe Lantern from Mayo Jar to take Trick or Treating #trickortreat #halloween

ADD THE HANDLE: Cut a four-foot piece of wire and make one end into a hook shape. Wrap wire around the rim of the jar and through your hook. Then, to make the handle, bring the wire piece up over the top and through the wire on the opposite rim. Twist to secure. Continue wrapping the wire around the jar rim once more and secure by twisting around the starting hook. Cut off any excess wire.

Cute Kid-Safe Lantern from Mayo Jar to take Trick or Treating #trickortreat #halloween

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    • Hi Debbie — good question! We used a paint-Mod Podge mix because we wanted a somewhat translucent look. Plus since we’re painting on plastic the straight acrylic paint may scrape off easily and Mod Podge has a more durable finish.


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