Fingerprint Heart Art

Fingerprints and smudges all over the cabinets, windows and walls are a regular part of family life. We’re told that we will even miss them when they’re gone! So here is a project to preserve your little one’s fingerprints. It’s a Valentine craft that would be so easy to mail, and sure to be one you and your loved ones will treasure!

Fingerpainted Heart Preschool Valentines Craft Project for Kids

I just realized that we never shared the kids craft project we created for Raising Arizona Kids magazine this month. I’m glad I remembered because this one is so cute and simple it would be a total shame to miss.

I’m also running behind on decorating my Valentine’s mantle — this year is certainly off to a crazy start and how could February be nearly half way over already? So is it too late to decorate for Valentines or still worth it?? Perhaps Miss Modette and I will do some fingerpainting to make this Heart Art only in pink to coordinate with our Fuchsia and Navy Valentines Printable Decor. I have all those all printed and ready to string and hang — if I get it done I’ll be sure to post a pic on Instagram…. and if you’ve got yours up post a pic and tag @PagingSupermom, deal?

Fingerpainted Heart Preschool Valentines Craft Project for Kids

TO MAKE: Download our free printable Heart Frame Mat templates. Let the child fingerpaint a picture while an adult cuts a heart out of the center of a piece of white cardstock. After the fingerpainted masterpiece has dried, place it behind the cardstock cutout and frame as desired. This project is a great gift to send off to grandparents and other valentines.

Fingerpainted Heart Preschool Valentines Craft Project for Kids

Bettijo Bridges

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2 thoughts on “Fingerprint Heart Art”

  1. I’m still learning this “mom thing” is there an “easy button” for finger paints? We’ve never tried it before, and i’m pretty sure i missed that part of childhood. Do you make it yourself or buy it…and if you buy it, where and in what part of the store?

    • Oh fingerpainting is messy but so fun! Make sure they wear a smock or old clothes. We are not big fans of any of the homemade recipes since the recommended dyes are usually food coloring, Jell-O or Kool-Aid, all of which will stain the kids’ hands. We buy our paints at the craft or grocery store, but only use paint labeled as finger paint. The great thing about this project is you let the kids go crazy and paint as long as they like. It will of course end up just a colorful abstract swirl of their tiny fingerprints. When you cut the white heart mat you instantly elevate their “messy” paintings to a totally frameable art piece!


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