No-Sew Kids Ninja Costume

Who out there loves a good no-sew costume idea? I know I do! I created this no-sew Kids Ninja Costume for a Ninjago party I hosted for my youngest son’s birthday last year. I have been meaning to share those party photos with you for… well, a year! I promise we will put them up soon, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to share our fun Kids Ninja Costume tutorial because it would make a super-easy and inexpensive Halloween costume.

You need absolutely no sewing to whip up this DIY ninja costume — basically all you need is a good, sharp pair of scissors. It is so easy I made enough for all the kids coming to my sons party in one evening. If you’re after an easy no-sew Halloween costume, you’re seriously looking at less than 10 minutes of work to make this kids ninja costume, and it’s definitely going to feel like a #SupermomMoment when your little ninja dude tries on his homemade ninja costume for the first time!

Easy Kids Ninja Costume - no sewing required!

Easy Kids Ninja Costume Tutorial

TO MAKE this DIY ninja costume, begin with a set of inexpensive sweatpants and a matching long-sleeve t-shirt. (I picked up Harrison’s at Walmart.) Get a long-sleeve shirt that is a couple sizes larger than your child actually wears.

  • For the belt, I cut a 3-inch wide strip of black felt. (You can also buy felt at Walmart in the fabric section.)
  • For the kimono top, place the t-shirt on a flat surface and using sharp scissors cut straight up the front middle of the shirt. Now take the right flap and about six inches from the top, cut at a slight angle up to the collar. Repeat for the left flap and then cut the collar off completely. Cut off the cuff on each of the sleeves, and you’re done!

Kids Ninja Costume Tutorial - no sewing required!

Easy Kids Ninja Costume and DIY Ninja Nunchuks and Ninja Staff Tutorial

DIY Kids Ninja Costume Accessories

To complete your Kids Ninja Costume, pick one of these fun DIY ninja accessories. Harrison posed here in his Ninja Costume with our easy DIY Ninja Staffs made using a very similar technique to the DIY Nunchuks shown below. At our Ninja party we made each of our kid ninjas their own set of these kid-friendly DIY Nunchucks.

Easy Kid-friendly foam Nunchucks tutorial at

TO MAKE KIDS NINJA NUNCHUCKS you will need two, 8-inch pieces of foam pipe insulation and one 10-inch piece of 3/4-inch rope (this will make one set of kids nunchucks). We purchased the supplies at a home improvement store. It is a good idea to burn the ends of the polyester rope to keep from fraying. Hot glue one end of the rope approximately one-inch inside of the insulation tubing. Repeat with the other end of the rope and piece of insulation. Let your little ninja decorate the nunchucks with washi tape.

TO MAKE A DIY NINJA STAFF you’ll need a 3-foot length of 3/4 PVC pipe or 3/4-inch dowel (whichever is cheaper) and 3-feet of foam pipe insulation. Wrap the insulation around the pipe as intended, you can buy self-sealing pipe insulation to keep the foam in place or use a hot glue gun to shut it. Use yarn to wrap a hand grip area at the middle of the staff.

CAUTION: This DIY Ninja Staff is padded so it is safer than a REAL ninja staff, but of course you’ll want to make sure your little Ninja doesn’t take a good swing at anyone because it’s not exactly going to feel good. We think the Ninja Staff works better for the Halloween Kids Ninja costume, or for using just a couple staffs in a joust-style party game, rather than making one for every guest at a party — that just seems to be asking for trouble LOL!

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