Cupid’s Crunch Mix + Printable

Last year I attended a book club meeting just before Valentine’s Day, and I wanted to bring a sweet Valentine snack to share. When my net surfing failed me for a suitable recipe, I decided to invent my own Cupid’s Crunch. Keep in mind I use the word “invent” rather loosely here. I mean, I literally mixed a few red and pink candies in a classic munchies recipe: Chex Puppy Chow. Remember that stuff? Slightly messy and absolutely horrid for you, yet this treat is delicious enough to justify making once a year. So, here I am making it for my 2011 ration.

Making Cupid’s Crunch doesn’t take long, and you probably have most ingredients in your pantry. First, make some Chex Puppy Chow. (You can find the recipe and directions below.)

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Wild Thing Printable Valentines

Wild Thing Free Printable Valentine

Wild Thing Free Printable Valentine

When I was trying to come up with cute sayings for the Bouncy Ball Valentines, the lyrics of “Wild Thing, you make my heart sing” kept swirling through my mind and kind of stuck. So I decided to create a printable Valentine card based on those lyrics, and I’m so thrilled with how they turned out.

Wild Thing Printable Valentine for Teens

Given the shared positive reactions of my three and six year old girls as well as my husband — it appears this Wild Thing Valentine would be a hit among kids, teenagers and adults.

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