A Happy Valentine’s Morning

Here’s cute Valentine breakfast ideas for kids… this meal is made with lots of love! We are visiting our local NBC affiliate today to share some ideas to brighten your kid’s Valentine’s Morning. If you live in AZ watch Bettijo and I live on the Arizona Midday show at 1pm today on Channel 12. Here is a sneak peek at a couple of the ideas we’ll be sharing:

Valentine Breakfast Ideas from @PagingSupermom

Treat your valentine to sunnyside up eggs nested in a heart-shape cutout of toast. I love this sweet Love Nest Breakfast idea we shared a few weeks ago on One Charming Party. Bettijo and I both have been doing this for years and our kids LOVE it!

How to make a Love Nest Breakfast for your kids this Valentine's Day

TO MAKE: Cut a heart out of the center of as many pieces of bread as needed, reserving the cut outs. Pre-heat your skillet and grease with a generous amount of butter. Place cut pieces of bread on hot skillet then crack an egg into the hole. Cook egg for 1-2 minutes then flip over and cook to desired firmness. Toast heart-shape cutouts along side. Serve immediately with strawberries and orange juice.

Heart Attack Door for Valentines on PagingSupermom.com #valentines #valentinesmorning

I’ve been gradually “heart attacking” my boys doors this month — adding a new heart with a reason why I love them, every day since February 1st. It’s not too late for you to get in on the fun — cut out a bunch of hearts and write on each a sweet or silly reason why you love your child. Tape them all over their bedroom door to surprise them when they wake up on Valentine’s morning!

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