Best Class Valentines for Boys

Bettijo shared her favorite free printable Girl’s Class Valentines yesterday, and here are the best for boys…

Free BOY Valentines at #valentines #printables #freevalentines #classvalentines #boy

FREE VALENTINES FOR BOYS: Superhero Lollipops from Zakka Life :: You’re Super from One Charming Party :: I Dig You from One Charming Party :: Love Bugs from Dandee Designs :: Have a Ball from Paging Supermom :: Dropping Down by Paging Supermom.

8 thoughts on “Best Class Valentines for Boys”

  1. These were AWESOME! I enjoyed making them just as much as they enjoyed signing them and giving them out to their friends!

    It was so nice to finally have a BOY themed card to handout!

  2. These are cute. How are they for boys, exactly? I mean, more than any other Valentine’s cards. Do they have dangerously sciencey gamma rays that would mutate my daughter into a boy?

    They are cute. Just the title. Ugh.


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