Are You Ready?

With Valentine’s Day just a couple days away, we want to know, are your kids ready? If you’re still looking for ideas, it’s not too late to pull off one of these:

We have all the instructions and printables you need right here:
:: You’re Sweet Valentine
:: Dropping Down Valentine
:: Teacher’s Favorite Valentine
:: Play Enemies Valentine
:: Shape Up Valentine

Also, you may remember the Valentine Roundup Bettijo put together last year? It’s packed with even more printables!

So, tell us: what valentines will your kids be passing out this year?

8 thoughts on “Are You Ready?”

  1. We are doing the bouncy balls!! Love it and so many more! You guys are fabulous and awesome. Thanks for all of the fun ideas for every occasion.

  2. We’re doing the “You’re Sweet” with candy kisses and the “Not Loving You Would be a Mistake” with erasers! Wish I had a little boy in pre-school for the “Let’s Be Enemies” — I think it’s too cute and so perfectly BOY! ;)


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