“Love is Complicated” Class Valentine

As a mom of boys, I’m adamant that we share a fantastic boy Valentine each year. Our Boy’s Valentine from last year still has me giggling, but truth be told: last year Liam had a last-minute mind change and instead of passing out whoopie cushions he passed out these: slightly nerdy (but in a totally good way) mini Rubik’s inspired puzzle cubes. They were a hit!!
Cute Boys Valentine with a mini Rubik's Cube at PagingSupermom.com #valentines

The “Love is Complicated” message is so fitting and as true for my second-grade boy’s classmates as it is for many teens (and possibly even some adults)!

These class Valentines are simple to put together with our free printable — just print, cut and attach a mini puzzle cube to each card using glue dots.

Cute Boys Valentine with a mini Rubik's Cube at PagingSupermom.com #valentines

:: Download our Free Printable Puzzle Cube Valentine Template

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