Best Class Valentines for Girls

Six Free Class Valentines for girls at #valentines #printables #freevalentines #classvalentines #freebies

Thank you so much for your patience with us — we feel bad our posts have been sparse, but right now these Supermoms are battling flu, ear infections and coughs. (I wasn’t kidding when we had our Airborne Toast on New Year’s Eve.) We’ve got some fun new valentine’s ideas we’re hoping to share soon, but to kick things off we’ve rounded up our favorite FREE printable valentines from around the web.

Six Free Class Valentines for girls at #valentines #printables #freevalentines #classvalentines #freebies

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Valentine Worksheets

With Valentine’s Day class parties around the corner, teachers and Room Moms alike are probably looking for some last-minute educational activities. So, we put together a few free Valentine’s Day school worksheets.

First up, heart tracing worksheets for our youngest superkids and a Valentine’s Day dot-to-dot for kids and students counting to 20.

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We Love Ruby Valentine



I first discovered Love, Ruby Valentine just after Valentine’s Day last year. One of my daughters found it in the library, and we checked it out. After reading, I really wanted to share it on the blog, but I knew I’d have to wait until Valentines this year.

Remembering my excitement about this book, when I first pulled it out to prepare my review, I quickly re-read the story and wondered why I’d loved it so much last year. I mean the story is fairly clever and has nice rhythm and rhyming (a characteristic I’m loving in author Laurie Friedman’s work), but last year this book had struck a particular cord, and I just wasn’t really feeling it this year. Wondering if I should still review it, I took another gander through, this time looking at what illustrations I’d want to photograph and share with you.

THAT is when it struck me again. I LOVE this story because Ruby Valentine is me.


Of course I don’t live in Heartland in a sweet little cottage with heart-shaped trees, and Valentine’s is not my favorite holiday (that would be Halloween), but I’m certainly no stranger to the hustle and bustle of preparing for some big party or event.

Love Ruby Love GLITTER!

It looks a lot like this anytime I get the glitter out, (probably why I don’t do it more often)

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String of Hearts

Raising Arizona Kids February 2012

Folded Heart Garland

Inspired by a classic paper chain, we created this sweet heart garland for the local Raising Arizona Kids magazine. It’s the perfect way to brighten up your mantel, and so simple you could make extras to spread the love around your neighborhood this Valentine’s Day.

Raising Arizona Kids February 2012

Your kids can help make this sweet Valentines decoration — all you need is colored paper, staples and string.

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