Love Notes: Cricut Print & Cut Valentines Stickers

Today I will be showing you how to use the Cricut Print & Cut feature to make adorable DIY stickers for Valentine’s Day. These handmade Valentine’s stickers can be used lots of different ways, but I think they’re particularly fun for dressing up any happy mail you’ll be sending to loved ones.

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What are SVG files?

Before I dive in to the Cricut Print & Cut tutorial, I know some of you may be wondering… what are SVG files? Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) can be resized from tiny to gigantic without sacrificing any image quality. You can use SVG files for a wide range of projects most common are for digital scrapbooking, and they are the best file format for designs you’ll cut with your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machines.

SVG files are graphics that are totally scaleable so you can use them for a wide range of projects.

I used my SWAK and Mod Valentines SVG file packs from my Love Notes SVG bundle to make these versatile stickers. With Cricut’s Print Then Cut Feature you won’t believe how incredibly easy it is to make your own stickers!

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How to Make Stickers with Cricut Print & Cut

One of the coolest, time-saving tools of the Cricut Maker machine is the Print Then Cut feature. If this is your first time doing print & cut with your Cricut, you’ll need to plan to do a quick printer calibration (directions here).

Next you’ll need to import your favorite Valentines SVG files from the Love Notes bundle into the Cricut Design Space where you can Print then Cut. The design software will automatically recognize the different color layers in the SVG file, but this time we want everything to just print together. So click the top layer of the file group, (shown at No. 1 in the screenshot below) and this should select all the parts of the graphic. Next click on the flatten button (No. 2). Once you’ve got the designed flattened, you’ll want to adjust the size as desired in the area shown at No. 3.

How to flatten SVG files to use the Cricut Print & Cut feature.

A couple of my SVG graphics don’t have a single exterior line (such as the postage cancellation mark and the SWAK letters), and they will be cut out in individual pieces. This isn’t really what I had in mind for my stickers, so I created a box around these graphics, which will tell the machine where to cut. To create the box, in Cricut Design Space click on the the “shapes” button on the left (shown at No. 1 below), then grab a square and drag it into a rectangle the correct shape and size to frame the design. Toggle the “Linetype” (shown at No. 2) to be set to “Draw” then group this rectangle with the rest of the design before flattening (as described above).

Cricut Design Space Tutorial - How to make a border in around a complex SVG image when using the Cricut Print & Cut feature.

Once you have your graphics all flattened and sized, hit the save button then click on the green “Make It” button. Here the Cricut interface will guide you through the whole process — it’s super easy! Make sure you have sticker paper loaded into your printer before printing. Also if your printer has options, be sure it prints at “actual size” or 100% so that the crop marks for the Cricut machine will be correct.

Print and cut these files on cardstock to make cupcake toppers!

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I love my Canon PIXMA iP8720, which has vibrant colors and can handle paper up to 13×19 inches and can also do borderless printing.

Once you’ve printed, then put the paper on the Light Grip Cricut Cutting Mat (the blue one), then follow the prompts to load it into the Cricut to be cut out! When selecting your cutting material, you will only want to use the “Sticker Paper” option if you’re using the Cricut brand stuff. If you’re just using inexpensive full-sheet label sticker paper like I am, then select “Iron-on” and you should get a “kiss-cut” where the backing is left in tact. By the way I found this handy Cricut cut settings chart for various label papers if you need to troubleshoot.

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Easy DIY Valentine Stickers using Cricut Print and Cut Feature via @PagingSupermom

Be sure to grab my Love Notes SVG bundle below!

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