Printable Valentines Round Up

With Valentine’s Day just one week away, it is time to stop looking and start doing! If you’re anything like me, I’ll bet last week you thought handmade Valentines were a must, but as you’re eying this week’s to-do list, the store bought ones are looking better than ever.

Is it crazy how well I know you?

Don’t fret! You still have plenty of time to whip together handmade Valentines. To help get you going here is a round up of our favorite Valentines from around the web, and some quick tips to get you doing!

Naturally Sweet Valentine Fruit Stickers (from Twig & Thistle).

DIY Valentine Fruit Stickers Orange

These fun fruit stickers couldn’t be cuter and what could be more practical then giving a piece of fruit? Available sticker designs include orange, apple, banana, pear, passion fruit and berry. Probably our favorite thing about this idea is there’s no need for an extra trip to the store — just pick up the fruit of choice on your regular grocery trip.

DO THIS :: Print out the template on a full-sheet label in color or black and white. Cut out the round stickers using a 1-inch circle punch, but first cut the template into strips so you’re punch will be able to reach. Have your child help you put the stickers on the pieces of fruit, and you’re all set!

Bouncy Ball Valentines (from Supermom Moments).

Valentines for Boys

No color ink needed for these. Print the template in black and white with four to a page. You’ll need to buy enough bouncy balls for the class and mini zipper-top bags (both would be available at a local Wal-Mart).

DO THIS :: Print out on cardstock (any color will do). Cut out the cards and let you child sign his/her name on the line provided. While they’re writing, place each bouncy ball into a zip-top bag and seal. Fold the signed cards in half, sandwich top of baggie in between the card and staple.

Color-Your-Own Valentines (from Up Up Creative).

Color Me Valentines From Up Up

Choose from three adorable designs all of which can be printed in black and white, four to a page, on your home printer.

DO THIS :: Pop some cardstock into your printer, download the template, hit print, cut and you’re done! Let your kids color and fill in the to/from then they’re ready to give.

OR THIS :: Bundle up three different colored crayons and tie with ribbon, yarn or string. Hot glue crayon bundles to the back of the cut Valentine cards and let the recipient have the fun of coloring his/her own card.

Sippy Valentines (from Supermom Moments).


This idea is so easy for you to customize which makes it a great choice for kids too young to write their own names. You’ll need to buy enough silly straws (at a local party store or Wal-Mart) for your child’s class/friends.

DO THIS :: Open your word processor and type out: “SIP-a-dee-doo-dah, SIP-a-dee-ay, Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!” Then draw a heart or type the word “Love” and your child’s name. Format the text in a favorite font (we like: Lucida Sans, Segoe UI or Arial) then adjust the font size so that the phrase fits nicely on one line. Copy this text, add a couple line breaks, then paste it again, and repeat unto you fill up the page. Print out enough for your class on whatever paper you like. Cut off the extra margin on the right-side of the page about a quarter-inch from where the words end (leave the left margin in place). Cut out each word strip. Wrap the left margin of the word strip around the straw and secure with tape.

OR THIS :: Print out the pre-made template in color. Cut out the strips, wrap around straws and secure with tape.

Beep Robot Valentine (from Cottage Industrialist).

Beep Robot Free Printable Valentine

With versions to suit both boys and girls, these need to be printed in color, but you can fit a whopping nine on a page.

DO THIS :: If you have a color printer, print out enough on cardstock for the class. If not bring the template file on a flash drive to a local copy center (we like Office Max), and ask them to print out in color on cardstock. This should cost under a dollar per page, and with nine-up on a page, you’ll probably need just three copies. Cut out the cards then have your kiddo fill in the to/from.

SKIP THIS :: The template also includes a fancy envelope, but we think they’re cute enough with no envelope at all. Plus the template only provides one envelope of each color per page so printing will get pricey.

Wild Thing Valentines (from Supermom Moments).

Free Printable Valentine Wild Thing

We think these fun Valentines look best printed in color but a black-and-white version is also available. They are designed to be their own envelope so print them out double sided. Three fit on a page.

DO THIS :: If you have a color printer, print the “Inside” and “Outside” templates back to back on cardstock. If not, you can use the black-and-white versions or take the templates on a flash drive to your local copy center. Ask them to print the “Inside” and “Outside” templates double-sided on cardstock. Cut out the valentines, fold in the two sides at the dotted line shown on the “Outside” template then tape closed. Have your child fill out the to/from on the back.

OR THIS :: To dress up the outside, make your own stickers by using a full-sheet label and 1-inch paper punch (we like a circle or heart shape).

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