The Perfect Boys Valentine

Forget all the mushy stuff, what do boys really want to do? Play WAR!

Okay, so being a mother of three girls I admittedly have little first hand knowledge of this fact, but given how Aimée seems to almost tear up when my girls ask her to play dolls, I’d be willing to bet that most little boys only tolerate Valentine’s Day for the candy.

Since we’ve sworn off sugar for our Class Valentines this year, what better way for a little boy to spread the love to all his friends than by handing out mini water guns packaged up with these three simple words sure to spark a water fight: “Let’s Be Enemies.”

Best Boys Valentine - Let's Be Enemies Water Gun Valentine Printable

These may very well be the antithesis of Valentine’s Day, but somehow I think they’re just perfect for a little boy!

The inspiration behind this Valentine is two-fold: First, while working on Harrison’s Ghost birthday party last fall I mentioned something to Aimée about needing her glue gun. Harrison, who just happened to be passing through the kitchen, stopped dead in his tracks and stared wide-eyed at me: “GUN?! Did you say gun? My mom has a GUN??”

It was too funny. You see, Aimée doesn’t let her boys play with guns, and somehow they’d never heard her refer to her glue “gun” before either.

Needless to say, with two gun-hungry boys in her house she now has to hide away her glue gun and pay VERY close attention should it ever be hot on the counter! So it seemed to me that water guns (the only kind Harrison & Liam are permitted to play with) would be a big hit.

The other inspiration was a fun old book I remember from my childhood: Let’s Be Enemies by Jane May Udry.

TO MAKE: Download our free printable Let’s Be Enemies Boys Valentine template, which includes full instructions. Print as many as you need and cut out. We got our mini squirt guns at a local party store, but you can buy similar ones here. You’ll also need clear plastic baggies (like these).

So, I’d love to hear what your boys think of Valentine’s Day? Do you think they’ll approve of this Valentine??

Bettijo Bridges

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  1. I love them. The only problem, is that my school age boys can’t take ANY guns to school. Any clever ways to adapt this? I was thinking rubber bands, but would they get it???


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