You’re Sweet!

Bettijo and I have been looking forward to this Week of Valentines. If you follow us on Facebook, you saw a sneak peek to our fun classroom valentines for your super kids to pass out, but before we release those, we wanted to share our “You’re Sweet” Printable Party Pack.


We’ve put together all the free printables you’d need for a sweet Valentine’s party at home or in the classroom. The collection includes a Banner, Party Punchables, Fold-over Tags, blank Anything Tags, Flags and a small party Sign.


I loved the idea of using the blank Anything Tags to label the straws, which would help the kids keep straight whose is whose.


Bettijo turned the heart Party Punchables into stickers (by printing on a full-sheet label and punching out) to adorn a cute pink mailbox we picked up in the dollar spot at Target as well as a glass apothecary jar filled with festive candy kisses.


Kicking off our week of FIVE Free Printable Valentines — package up your favorite sweet treat in a baggie and staple or glue between the included “You’re Sweet” Fold-over Tag. Turn them around and these Fold-over Tags can do double duty as folded “tent” card labels on the food table.


Download the entire collection here, and please leave us a comment telling whether you plan to use these for a class party or a get-together at home?

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22 thoughts on “You’re Sweet!”

  1. My daughter’s preschool is doing their party on the 15th, so I’m hanging the decorations up at home first, then using them at her school!

  2. You made my day! I will use these for home for my little sweeties. Happy Valentine’s Day!! I found you from your Rapunzel party a year ago and have been back every week since.

    With Heartfelt Thanks,

  3. What a cute party idea! Thank you for the printables. I’m going to use the labels to put on the chocolate dipped strawberries I made for teachers. :) I am always pleased when I come to your site. Thanks!

  4. Are these printables still available? I clicked on the link but my screen was blank. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks so much!!

  5. I am using these adorable prints for a Girl’s Night Out party. It is doubling as a birthday party for my cousin, and she is super sweet, so this works great! Thank you so much for allowing me to use these!


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