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Today I’m sharing some ideas of Valentine Gifts for Kids — I have published lots of Class Valentines ideas, but for now I’m talking about ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your own special kiddos. In our family we always have a festively decorated breakfast, and I usually leave a little gift on each of my kid’s plates.

Valentine Breakfast Ideas from @PagingSupermom

As a kid we definitely celebrated Valentine’s Day — my mom decorated the house, we made homemade heart lollipops, I passed out Valentine’s to my classmates, and that was pretty much the extent of it. It wasn’t until I was a senior in high school and working at the local Gap that I first realized some parents actually buy Valentine gifts for kids. It was such a foreign concept to me, and I admit at that time it struck me as a bit ridiculous. I mean we just had Christmas, right?! So I just want you to know that I am in no way suggesting that you need to buy Valentine gifts for your kids… I totally get it if you don’t want to go there.

For me though it is kind of fun to have a holiday where I actually get to take the credit for something… call me crazy, but all year long Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy are stealing my thunder. So Valentine’s Day has become my holiday to shine. LOL!

The nice thing is my kids don’t really expect much. Some years when I’ve been really busy, I did everything at the last minute the night before. Cut out a bunch of red paper hearts to sprinkle on the table, and dug through the gift/junk bins I keep stashed away, looking for anything that could be construed as an appropriate Valentines gift. This year I’ve got planned out a fun little Emoji bash inspired by my Emoji Valentine’s Decor, and I’m pretty excited to surprise the kids.

Super Cute Emoji Valentines Decor made easy with Paging Supermom

Even if you don’t have time to decorate the table, these fun Love Nest Eggs are seriously the fastest breakfast imaginable. My kids gobble them up so fast I’ve started to make them each a couple. I like to get the extra-wide pieces of sourdough bread, and I can actually cut two holes for eggs in each slice. Go here for full instructions and all my easy Valentine’s breakfast ideas.

I love to have little gifts for the kids, and I set one at each spot. Here are some suggestions for some simple Valentine Gifts for kids that don’t cost much, are sure to delight and are all available for Amazon Prime!

Valentine Gifts for Kids via @PagingSupermom

| 1. Girls of all ages look adorable in heart sunglasses. The red is classic but black is subtle enough to sport year round. | 2. The modern slinky, this geoflux kinetic spring is even more fun then it’s stair-climbing predecessor. | 3. There has been a deluge of coloring books published lately, but this “Just Add Color” series has simple, doodlesque drawings that definitely my favorite. | 4. If your kiddo likes Minecraft or Rubiks cubes then this Cubebot, which comes in an array of colors, will be a hit. | 5. I’m pretty sure that every kid’s eyes light up at the sight of a gumball machine, and now they can have one of their very own. Note that most machines are sold empty (even if the photo shows candy inside) so plan accordingly! | 6. These plush emoji pillows have been a huge hit at our house. The heart eyes is perfect for Valentine’s but you can choose from several designs. | 7. My kids devour these “Laugh Out Loud” joke books. Just be prepared to listen to a lot of jokes, but thankfully a lot of them really are funny. | 8. Remember these segment jump ropes from gym class? They have the most satisfying click-clack that is perfect beginning and serious jump ropers alike.

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