Teacher’s Favorite Valentine

How could your student not be the teacher’s pet after distributing a classic pink school eraser to all her classmates on Valentine’s Day? Perfect right?

Free Printable Mistake Pink Eraser Valentine

Bettijo’s oldest, Attalie, is now in first grade, so she is forever practicing her handwriting or drawing. (Remember the lined paper Bettijo made her? And our Wednesday Worksheets? Yes, these are among Attalie’s favorite activities!) So, we thought it fitting that she wanted to give her classmates sweet pink eraser Valentines.

As a side note, I sure hope Liam is on her distribution list: while doing his Kindergarten homework each night, I frequently observe him purposefully making “mistakes” just so he can erase them. It’s to the point that his pencil-end eraser is always gone before we even need to re-sharpen the pencil. Is this quirk just my kid, or do your kids love to erase, too?

TO MAKE: Download our free printable “Mistake” Valentine template, which includes full instructions. Print as many as you need and cut out. We got our erasers at a local grocery store, but I like these pretty Pink Pearl ones on Amazon even more. You’ll also need clear plastic baggies (like these).


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this idea. I have made them for my 5K class and will be giving them out on Valentine’s Day. I love your site.


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