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As promised I shared a photo of my Valentine’s Day mantle over on Instagram. I decided to leave up a few of the elements from my New Years setup including the gold-painted bulb lights (tutorial :: pin it) because I love the glow they cast in our living room. Haven’t decided yet, but I might just leave them up all year.

As I was trying to make things look just so, I really wished I had something red to stick in front of that polka-dot board. I was feeling kind of lazy and didn’t want to make anything. I dug through my decorations, but came up with nothing. In this situation, a framed printable is usually the quickest solution — so I found this fun family love quote (author unknown), and designed myself a frameable version.

Again feeling lazy (I have a cold), I wasn’t sure if I would put the printable quote on the blog, but our Instagram peeps talked me into it. If you’ll excuse my iPhone pics, here it is!

Free Printable Family Love Frameable Quote via @PagingSupermom

:: Download the free printable Family Love Quote
:: Download the free printable Valentine’s Decorative Banner

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