“Better Shape Up” Playdough Valentine

Continuing with our weeks worth of printable Valentine freebies, we created two girly and two boyish designs. Plus every one of our printable Class Valentine features a non-edible treat that will delight the kiddos while still being kind to all the parents, teachers and dentists out there!

Ladies first, right?


My four year old specifically requested a playdough Valentine, but Aimée and I drew a blank on a clever Valentines-ish verse to go with playdough. It took us hours, and I mean LONG, slap-happy hours tossing out ideas that were either too stupid or too suggestive, before we finally came up with “Better Shape Up.” Inspired, of course, by Olivia Newton John’s performance in Grease. (It’s been FOREVER since I’ve seen that oldie but goodie. Anyone up for a movie night?)

TO MAKE: Download our freebie printable Playdough Valentine template, which includes full instructions. Print as many as you need and cut out. Buy the mini Play-doh cans or make your own. You’ll also need clear plastic baggies (like these).

Do you love it?

4 thoughts on ““Better Shape Up” Playdough Valentine”

  1. Movie night? YES! I love the idea… I can’t believe that you left out the “Because I need a man” line for Piper’s valentines though.;)

  2. Love it! Using this for my girls Valentines. But so many cute ideas on your website! Just turned 41 and for my birthday my parents got me an autographed Grease poster from John Travolta.


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