We Heart Mom Coloring Banner

Mothers Day Banner 8

We shared this We Heart Daddy banner before, and now our kids wanted a Mom version.

How cute is this FREE Mother's Day Banner that kids can color from @PagingSupermom

Of course this banner is perfect for Mother’s Day, but we have an inkling they might be planning to make it to welcome us home from SNAP conference. We had actually created the Dad banner not for Father’s Day but to welcome Dad home from a trip — we always miss Dad when he’s away. Come to think of it, we actually now have a Welcome Home banner too — clearly we love banners! The great thing about banners are that you get a big bang with just a few pieces of paper.

How cute is this FREE Mother's Day Banner that kids can color from @PagingSupermom

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2012 First Day of School Signs


Find our 2013 First Day of School signs here.

Aimee’s back to school photo signs were a hit last year, and we’ve already had requests for 2012 versions. We’re happy to oblige! Our kids won’t be heading back to school for another week so today we did a little dress rehearsal of the first day of school. Can I just tell you that a photoshoot in 100+ degree weather is brutal?! We had to cool off with popsicles afterward.

Free First Day Of School Photo Signs Printable for Every Grade! #backtoschool #back2school

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Have a Slice of Fraction Pie


Teaching your little one about fractions is easy as pie! Sorry… so cliché, but I couldn’t resist. Actually, I’ve never really understood that “easy as pie” expression because I’ve actually tried making pie crust from scratch and it is NOT easy!

Back to fractions, I actually had one of these Felt Fraction Pies when I was a kid. My Mom (a former kindergarten teacher) made it for us to play with. Mostly we’d use it to play make believe in our pretend kitchen, but it was a great introduction to the concept of fractions.

DIY Fraction Pie Puzzle Tutorial

I owe a big thank you to my sister Heather — she is a total Supermom. Heather recently re-created a Felt Fraction Pie for her teaching math to her kids, and she made this tutorial for us to share on the blog.

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