We Heart Mom Coloring Banner

Mothers Day Banner 8

We shared this We Heart Daddy banner before, and now our kids wanted a Mom version.

How cute is this FREE Mother's Day Banner that kids can color from @PagingSupermom

Of course this banner is perfect for Mother’s Day, but we have an inkling they might be planning to make it to welcome us home from SNAP conference. We had actually created the Dad banner not for Father’s Day but to welcome Dad home from a trip — we always miss Dad when he’s away. Come to think of it, we actually now have a Welcome Home banner too — clearly we love banners! The great thing about banners are that you get a big bang with just a few pieces of paper.

How cute is this FREE Mother's Day Banner that kids can color from @PagingSupermom

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Free Music Staff for Your Little Mozart


Free Printable Blank Music Staff Paper for your little composer at PagingSupermom.com

Last summer I created blank music staff paper at the request of my daughter. I took the above photo of her with her very first composition and shared it on Instagram. Although it was always my intention to share the free printable sheet music paper with you, somehow I never got around to doing it. So I dug out the file since I’m filling in for Aimée on Worksheet Wednesday today. (She’s jetting off to ALT San Francisco, and I’m staying home with baby Rockwell who is cooing up a storm lately!)

Kids really do love to create things, and if your child is taking piano lessons or otherwise musically inclined they are bound to be thrilled when you hand them a stack of blank music staff paper. Here is a video of Attalie playing her latest song, which she calls “Speed.”

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Kid-Friendly Laptops at Staples

Staples Laptop 4

When Staples asked if our family would like to test out one of their laptops, we were of course happy to oblige. The timing of their offer was actually quite perfect since we’d been shopping around for a computer for the kids.

Buy Kid-Friendly Laptops at Staples

We love Staples for all our printing needs — both Aimée and I are on a first-name basis with the copy center staff at our neighborhood Staples (Hi Quinn!) Although I have not spent nearly as much time on the Staples website, I was pleased to find that computer shopping through Staples.com was truly easy. Their website has great tools that helped me sort and narrow my search based on the features I know I want, like a touch-screen laptop.

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Super Flats!


For those who have met me in person you know I’m pretty much always wearing either flip flops or Crocs. …

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