First Day of School Signs

first day of school printable sign

As we mentioned, school started this week for both Aimee and my kids. Aimee made this super-adorable sign for her little Liam’s first day of Kindergarten. Most of the schools around here have already started, but I hear there are still a lot of kids across the country that haven’t headed back to school yet. So I was able to talk Aimee into making signs for preschool and all the elementary school grades to share. Just click the link below and print out on cardstock. Oh, and don’t forget to make sure your camera batteries are charged up and ready to go!

PS   ::   K   ::   1   ::   2   ::   3   ::   4   ::   5   ::   6

UPDATE: We now have 2013 versions of our free printable first day of school signs!

20 thoughts on “First Day of School Signs”

  1. Nice! I’m a kinder teacher and we started on the 15th too. (And took pictures of each kid.) That would have been a great touch!

  2. I’m a kindergarten teacher. We go back Monday. I am printing this out to take photos with the kiddos! I have charged my battery! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!!

  3. Yours is soooo much nicer than the one I made as my son is starting preschool this year *choking tears back*


  4. Hi,I love the first day of school signs. Wondering if you can change the date to say 2012. I would love to take photos of my incoming first graders with the first day of first grade sign. Thanks so much.
    Love your website…

  5. Thanks for the adorable signs! I am excited to use them tomorrow. BTW – Liam’s school looks familiar. Does he go to Adams?

  6. I love it :) Anyway you could do one for Mother’s Day out?? I have a little guy starting in a couple of weeks :)

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