2013 First Day of School Photo Signs & Tips

Can you believe summer is nearly through? While our kiddos don’t go back to school for another couple weeks, we know children around here who are already headed back. We’ve made it a tradition to share free printable photo signs for the first day of school. This year’s signs are inspired by the super-rad Back to School With Neon party we posted last week. Today we’re sharing free printable signs for all grades plus a few photo tips for capturing the perfect shot.

First Day of School Signs at PagingSupermom.com

Download our 2013 First Day of School Signs for all grades — we’ve also just added these universal First Day of School Signs for all grades and an area where you can fill in the year. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram if you want to see our kids’ first day snapshots.

Love these colorful First Day of School Photo Signs from @PagingSupermom

Love these colorful First Day of School Photo Signs from @PagingSupermom

A few, quick first day of school photo tips…

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. We know some families have a tradition of using the front door as a backdrop for their first day of school shots. This is fun so that you can see how your child is growing in comparison. If you want to go the door route, we suggest standing outside the door rather than inside since the light will be better. Also it will turn out best if your door has a bit of shade so you won’t have any harsh shadows from direct sunlight on your little one’s face. Good news is you usually will find shade in front of most doors due to the roof overhang.

NO HOT FLASHES. Try to avoid using the flash since natural light is more flattering. This will be easiest to do if you take photos outside. Again look for a spot of shade on the ground, which you’ll often find near a building or tree. Shade is important because it provides the most flattering light (without dark shadows on your child’s face). If taking photos indoors without flash, stand next to an open window with the light coming in on the side of your child’s face.

CUT THE CHEESE. Kids get so used to having to say “Cheese!” when they get their photo taken that you’ll rarely catch a natural smile this way. Instead ask them to recite the alphabet and snap away as they go… especially on letters ending in a long E or O sound.

First Day of School Signs at PagingSupermom.com

:: Download the First Day of School Photo Signs for Every Year and Grade

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