My Phone!

My girls are obsessed, OBSESSED, with phones. They are particularly fond of my husband’s and my cell phones. This can be a bit problematic. (We don’t want them calling 911 or China, do we?) So of course, I have bought them toy cell phones, but do they play with them? No. They want the REAL deal.

Before Christmas last year, Fisher Price started selling again their old Chatter Phone — a toy I remember loving as a child. I was so excited when I saw it on the shelf at the store, that I got one to give to my little phone lovers. Interestingly, with its rotary dial, my daughters didn’t even recognize it as a phone. It’s funny how technology changes so rapidly, which is a blessing I guess because our outdated cell phones seem to be the best middle ground we have for the ongoing phone battle at our house.

Last week in a public restroom I was again reminded that my daughter is definitely a product of the 21st Century. My four year old had proudly used the toilet all by herself (Mommy had to stand outside of the stall and not interfere). She came out, dutifully washed her hands, and went over to the paper towel dispenser, which was an older model with a crank on the side. She held her hand beneath the dispenser and eventually started waving her hands side to side in frustration. Then it dawned on me that she thought it was one of those newer dispensers that feed the towel out automatically when their sensor is triggered. I couldn’t help laughing as I wound the paper towel roll for her. Boy does she have a different childhood than I did.

Bettijo Bridges

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