Exciting News + Monster Spray Freebie

Eeek! We are so excited to announce that we’ve been selected to be part of the blogging team for Land of Nod’s new blog. As you have probably noticed, Bettijo and I both love Crate & Barrel, and who wouldn’t adore their kids collection over at Land of Nod?

Remember Jill’s spray bottle Super-tip from Tuesday? It inspired us to create an official Monster Spray label. Head over to our first post at Honest to Nod — you’ll find our free Monster Spray freebie there — along with lots of other fun ideas!

3 thoughts on “Exciting News + Monster Spray Freebie”

  1. I think this is a fabulous idea!! As are the many, many ideas you have! :) Congrats to you both on your new blogging adventure and I have to say…I was estactic to see that you commented on one of my blog posts… The amazing, awesome, fantastic supermom that I follow so closly read my blog! I tell everyone about your wonderful ideas and implement them myself, as well… I appreciate you and your kind comment so very much! You touch more lives that you think! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Check out monster-defense.com. We have a wonderful-smelling spray available now & a fun, illustrated children’s story coming out in Dec 2013-Jan 2014 that tells the story of a little boy with a monster in his room, and how he overcame his fear of monsters. In researching online prior to writing the book, we read many articles from child & adolescent psychologists and parents about recommended methods for dealing with fear of monsters, and interpreted this into a fun, rhyming story which gives parents direction on how to help & gives kids the tools necessary to overcome their fear.


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