Super-tips for Teaching Kids to Ride a Bike

Hello! I’m Nikkala of The Crafting Chicks, visiting today with some Super-tips on how to teach your child to ride a bike. Riding a bike is a rite of passage for kids, but teaching them how to ride falls on the parents. It would definitely be a Supermom Moment when you watch your kiddo riding around without training wheels! Here is the method I used to teach my kid’s to ride without any scraped knees — it’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s frustration free!

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Of course you’ll need a bike. You’ve seen those cool-looking balance bikes, and instead of buying one, here is how to convert a traditional bike into a DIY balance bike. Just a regular, old bike will do. It just needs to be small enough that they can touch flat footed while on it.

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Step 1: Remove the pedals. One pedal will be threaded backwards (so it doesn’t come unscrewed while riding). You’ll need a wrench to take them off.

Step 2: Drop the seat down as low as it can go. The lower it is, the safer the child will feel. You can raise it back up once they’re riding.

Step 3: Take off the training wheels. You’ll also need a wrench for this.

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And ta-da you just created your own balance bike! Have the child ride by pushing with their feet. This allows them to put their feet down to catch themselves, and prevents them from falling over — an important key in riding a bike. At first they will just take baby steps, but soon they’ll be able to coast a distance. Have them practice turning and weaving. When they’ve got the hang of it, we like to throw crackers on the driveway and have them aim to crush them (this is the favorite part!) It’s not going to take very long (some kids only need a half hour, others will need a few hours) and then you can put the pedals back on.

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  1. My kids love the balance bike! It helped my 5 yr old transition to a regular bike easily with no training wheels! Now my 3 yr old uses it and loves it! We are searching craigslist for a light weight bike for the 3 yr old and will use your tips on taking the pedals off, great idea! He still needs a bit more balance bike practice but our balance bike is on it’s last leg, lol! Thanks!

  2. Balance bikes are the best! I’m totally a balance bike believer. My five year old finally started riding a bike and my son figured it out the day before his fourth birthday. Now it’s all about big kid bikes!


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