Happy Campers

We went on a family campout a few weeks ago. I’m not a big camper — it’s just so DIRTY. I give you Exhibit A:

Camping is a Dirty Business!

As a kid we would go on camping trips that lasted weeks — of course we stayed at campgrounds with running water, but it still was enough to deter me from this so-called sort of “fun.” So it’s been a few years since I’ve let Superdad and the girls talk me into a camping trip. They have camped a few times without me, but this year after a bit of prodding I agreed to go for two nights. We went with my best friend Dana’s family, and it was nice to escape the Phoenix heat.

Happy Campers

While on the trip Dana and I were wishing we’d thought ahead to making “Fireside Girls” sashes for our kiddos. Any other Phineas & Ferb lovers out there who know what I’m talking about? Our kids love this cartoon and the little girls in it are all part of a troop of Fireside Girls, which clearly must be something similar to Girls Scouts.

Well there we were up in the forest with a slew of kids and nothing but dirt and trees to entertain them (which certainly WAS entertaining them — see above — but we moms were interested in another option). In the rush to get out the door I’d packed a basket of basic crafting supplies with paper, tape, scissors, crayons and yarn, but I hadn’t had time to plan out any project and nothing was coming to me. So remembering this project I dug around in my suitcase and sacrificed an old green t-shirt to make the girls’ sashes.

Make Your Own Fireside Girls Patches

Then we all had fun working together to create patches for our sashes. We started by making a camp badge for everyone — it’s the one that looked like a pine tree. Then we made a troop number badge — our troop number was made up with all the kids’ ages. While I was wishing I’d thought to pack a stapler, I was surprised at how well regular clear Scotch tape stuck to the knit fabric). I was also surprised that a little “KP” badge (for “kitchen patrol”) was enough to motivate all the girls to help with dish duty. No kidding — it’s amazing what kids will do for a little paper patch and some lofty praise!

The kids had lots of ideas for patches. I can only remember a few now:

Taking Care of the Baby Badge (pacifier icon)
Hide & Go Seek With Daddy Badge
Using the Outdoor Potty Badge
Star Gazing Badge (star icon)
Swimming in the Creek Badge
Cliff Jumping Badge

Of course the littlest Fireside Girl Modette got patches just for being cute. Come to think of it, I really should have made her an eating rocks badge!

DIY Fireside Girls Patches Craft

Have you ever taken your family camping? What do you all like to do for fun while camping??

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  1. Ok, let’s be honest. When we took our rambunctious 18 month old camping with my brother and his family a few years ago we wrote off the whole camping with small children thing. This is inspiring though…maybe I’ll turn summer into “Camp Our-House” like I’ve seen on FlyLady. I love the idea of a KP badge…maybe I’ll make a BP badge…(Bathroom Patrol). ;)


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