Fun Things To Do With Kids When You Go Outdoors

Hello! It’s Sara here from Compass Crate. Can you believe that summer break is over?! The kids are back in school, and it seems like autumn is quickly creeping up on us. While some people love spring and lots of people love summer, I absolutely adore autumn. The change in leaves, the cooler weather, the anticipation of holidays. There isn’t much about autumn that I do not enjoy. Most of all, I love to go outdoors.

Great ideas to help you go outdoors with kids via @PagingSupermom

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids via @PagingSupermom

Life easily has a way of getting too busy and outdoor adventures seem to be the first to go. Yet simple things such as taking a walk or visiting a park are important things to do with kids. So, in an effort to encourage my family to get outside and explore nature, we have put together our Adventure Packs with outdoor games and other things to get us excited about exploring the great outdoors.

Love these Kids Activities for when we go Outdoors via @PagingSupermom

While an Adventure Pack could contain whatever fun supplies your children like to explore with, I’ve compiled a list of some simple and fun things to do that make exploring a little more exciting for my children. Hopefully you an incorporate them into your next family outing.

1. A dedicated backpack. This contains our supplies so that we don’t have to gather them up each time we head out. A backpack is also handy for collecting all those nature treasures along the way.

2. Compass Crate subscription. A monthly box arrives full of activities and ideas for nature explorers, and it fits perfectly in our backpack. The package contains items relevant to each month and season, and they are always different. With Compass Crate we can be sure to have something new to explore with each month. Some of the favorite items we have in our Adventure Packs have come from the crates: magnifying glass, insect house, glass terrarium, and nature/animal guides.

Fun Outdoor Games to do with kids via @PagingSupermom
Magnifying glass from one of our Compass Crates.

3. Nature journal. Sometimes it is just nice to sit back and observe the great outdoors. So, we pack a cheap journal along with pencils, water colors, and tape.

4. Rug. Since nature isn’t always soft or clean, we pack a cheap IKEA rug into our packs so that we always have a nice, soft place to sit for outdoor games or picnics.

5. Water bottle and snack. It is important to always have water when you go outdoors, and as most moms know, a snack never hurt either!

6. First Aid kit. I want to teach my children about always being prepared, especially outdoors, and we purchased a first aid kit that I keep in my pack. The children get a small pack of band aids to keep in their packs.

With all these supplies in our packs, we are prepared to go outdoors on a family outing — off to a park, hike, or adventure — whenever we’ve got a free moment! Now is the perfect time to get prepared so when those pristine autumn evenings come, you can enjoy lots of family time together outdoors.

Fun Things to Do With Kids when you Go Outdoors via @PagingSupermom
Compass Crate was created by Tiffany and Sara — two overzealous, homeschooling, entrepreneurial moms who enjoy taking their eight kids out on adventures. The two were inspired by their wonderful children, their undying love of nature, and extraordinary need to be constantly learning and exploring. Take your family on an adventure with Compass Crate soon!

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