Paper Scrap Pictures

Bored kids? Check! Leftover paper scraps? Check!
Here’s what to do:

How to Make Paper Scrap Pictures

Round up all the bits of craft or scrapbooking paper you have around the house and get out your paper punches — whatever shapes and sizes will do. Punch out a bunch of random shapes, mixing up the colors, and even save the scrap of the reverse shape you punched out.

Definitely let your kids help out with this part. In fact, mine loved helping punch the shapes almost as much as making the pictures.


Once everyone is tired of punching. Spread the scraps out on the table and give each child a blank piece of paper and glue. We only had one glue bottle to share, so I put a dollop of glue on paper plates for each child and gave them a popsicle stick for spreading. I also gave everyone a pair of scissors in case the shapes needed alterations.

Instruct the kids to make a picture using the shapes available. Tell them to make whatever they want, but try to encourage them to make an actual picture rather than just a collage since this approach is good exercise for their creativity and imagination; although, this concept will be more difficult for younger kids to grasp.


Then sit back and watch the kids create!

I noticed mine were a little slow to get going, but once they got the hang of gluing they were totally engrossed for quite a while. I could tell the creative juices were really flowing.


There was definitely some serious concentration going on. I love these photos of Piper using her tongue to help. Reminds me of Superdad who does this all the time when he’s focusing hard on something — always makes me laugh.


Here is Attalie putting the finishing touches on her masterpiece!

Finished Paper Scrap Picture

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