2012 First Day of School Signs

Find our 2013 First Day of School signs here.

Aimee’s back to school photo signs were a hit last year, and we’ve already had requests for 2012 versions. We’re happy to oblige! Our kids won’t be heading back to school for another week so today we did a little dress rehearsal of the first day of school. Can I just tell you that a photoshoot in 100+ degree weather is brutal?! We had to cool off with popsicles afterward.

Free First Day Of School Photo Signs Printable for Every Grade! #backtoschool #back2school

Actually I’m pretty happy to have one more week before school starts. Surprising for as nervous as I was at the beginning of summer to have my kids home all day, I’m really sad to see the start of the school year approaching so quickly. Sure I’ll probably be able to get more work done, but I’m really going to miss their company. How about you? Are you excited or sad for school to start?? (Be honest now, we won’t judge!)

Click a grade level below to download our free printable “First Day of School” photo sign.

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Here’s to a wonderful school year!

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8 thoughts on “2012 First Day of School Signs”

  1. I love having the kids home for the summer. It is a much more relaxing and spontaneous time for us as compared to having everything scheduled during the school year.

  2. Oh my gosh… you guys are awesome! Love these printables. Been following your blog now for about a year and love, love, love what it’s all about… party ideas, gift ideas, worksheets, free printables. Thanks for this mom of 3 feel a little more creative and cool when I barely have time to brush my hair each day.

  3. Thanks for the signs!
    I’m excited for my kids to start school again (was homeschooling for the last 6 years). I will miss them a ton, but it’s the start of a new chapter in our adventures!!
    Just discovered your site through pinterest, love it!

  4. We used these last year and loved them. I was just wondering if you had a first day of Pre-Kindergarten sign? My son is starting a special needs program and we really want to make the first day special for him

    Thank you

    Valerie Cloutier


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