Free Printable Jingle Way Street Sign

Jingle Way Street Sign Christmas Decor

We are totally hooked on these Mod Podge signs and have another adorable free printable to share with you today.

Love this free printable from -- a Jingle Way Street Sign for #Christmas Great Gift! #freeprintable

As we were shooting this and this and brainstorming about the antiques we’d shop for on this trip, we had a momentary stroke of genius… a Jingle Way Street Sign. Of course finding an actual “Jingle Way” street sign on our antiquing trip would have been divine, but since that didn’t happen I whipped together this printable freebie to make some to give as gifts

Love this free printable from -- a Jingle Way Street Sign for #Christmas Great Gift! #freeprintable

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Baby’s First Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Mothers Day Gift Ideas Baby Footprin Ttowels

I recently had this idea to stamp baby’s footprint onto tea towels as a mother’s day gift, and now I am really wishing I’d made one of these with all of my newborns. Wouldn’t that be such a fun little collection to have?

Mother's Day Gift Idea - Baby's Footprint Hand Towels withe free printable gift band from #mothersday

Since my baby boy isn’t here yet, my good friend Sarah was kind enough to lend me her darling daughter’s foot. We used my favorite thirsty, flour-sack towels. Brush the sole of baby’s foot with acrylic craft paint in the color of your choice. Carefully stamp onto a corner of the towel. We ended up stamping the two opposite corners on each towel just for extra fun.

By the way, I have done quite a few painted-fabric crafts (including these similar monogram tea towels) with just the regular, inexpensive, acrylic craft paint. I never pay extra for the stuff intended for fabric, and my projects have held up just fine.

Baby's First Mother's Day Towels - a fun tradition. Free printable gift bands from #mothersday

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Have a Slice of Fraction Pie


Teaching your little one about fractions is easy as pie! Sorry… so cliché, but I couldn’t resist. Actually, I’ve never really understood that “easy as pie” expression because I’ve actually tried making pie crust from scratch and it is NOT easy!

Back to fractions, I actually had one of these Felt Fraction Pies when I was a kid. My Mom (a former kindergarten teacher) made it for us to play with. Mostly we’d use it to play make believe in our pretend kitchen, but it was a great introduction to the concept of fractions.

DIY Fraction Pie Puzzle Tutorial

I owe a big thank you to my sister Heather — she is a total Supermom. Heather recently re-created a Felt Fraction Pie for her teaching math to her kids, and she made this tutorial for us to share on the blog.

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Yummy Peppermint Crackle



Yesterday Bettijo posted her favorite Christmas treat, so we thought it would be fun for me to post mine today. My most favorite food is chips and salsa (and in my opinion that tops any treat I’ve ever had), but that didn’t seem quite appropriate to blog about just a few days before Christmas. So, I thought I’d share my favorite sugary treat of the moment—peppermint crackle.

This stuff is delicious and quite addicting. (I may or may not have had to squeeze in an extra trip to the gym over the weekend for consuming WAY. TOO. MUCH. of this.) I’ve found most people top it with shredded coconut or sliced almonds, yet I love topping it with crushed peppermint. Yum! Anyway, enough babbling, onto the recipe:

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Cupid’s Crunch Mix + Printable



Last year I attended a book club meeting just before Valentine’s Day, and I wanted to bring a sweet Valentine snack to share. When my net surfing failed me for a suitable recipe, I decided to invent my own Cupid’s Crunch. Keep in mind I use the word “invent” rather loosely here. I mean, I literally mixed a few red and pink candies in a classic munchies recipe: Chex Puppy Chow. Remember that stuff? Slightly messy and absolutely horrid for you, yet this treat is delicious enough to justify making once a year. So, here I am making it for my 2011 ration.

Making Cupid’s Crunch doesn’t take long, and you probably have most ingredients in your pantry. First, make some Chex Puppy Chow. (You can find the recipe and directions below.)

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