The Secret To Easy Chalkboard Gift Tags

You are not going to believe how easy it is to make adorable faux Chalkboard Gift Tags using just black cardstock and chalk. There’s a bit of a secret to it, but I’ve got all the details for you, and the best part is you just might have everything you need on hand to do this cute holiday gift-wrap idea.

Do you know the secret to keep CHALK from SMUDGING on gift tags?

Although this idea is totally simple, I think the resulting tags are darling. Plus this project incorporates two interesting Chalk Secrets:

No. 1. Chalk writes surprisingly well on black paper… for simple projects like this one, skip the chalk paint and just use black cardstock to create your “chalkboard” surface.

No. 2 Hairspray sets chalk drawings… after creating my tags I realized that the chalk was going to smudge and smear — not very practical for gift tags. Then I remembered this foggy tidbit that was floating around in my mind. I sprayed my tag with hairspray and the chalk immediately disappeared. Disappointed that I’d remembered wrong, I tossed the tag in the trash. While working on Plan B, I happened to pass by the trash can and saw that my chalk drawing had reappeared. So don’t be alarmed when the hairspray makes your chalk masterpiece invisible; it will reappear as soon as it dries. Surely there must be some application here for an amazing magic trick??

Love these easy Faux Chalkboard Gift Tags from for Christmas Gift Wrapping

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Love these easy Faux Chalkboard Gift Tags from for Christmas Gift Wrapping

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