I’d like a Coco Penny Please

CocoPenny Baby

Did we ever tell you that Aimée and I met almost a decade ago while our husbands were both in grad school out in Virginia (D.C. area)? Somehow we both ended up here in Phoenix together, which as you’re aware, is lots of fun. Anyway, a few weeks ago a couple gals we both knew from our Virginia days contacted us to say they’d opened an online shop selling flower hair clips.

I don’t know what Aimée thought, but I must sheepishly admit that I was thinking something along the lines of: “Really? Like the web needs another shop selling hair clips.” But then I checked out CocoPenny.com and was blown away by a few things:

(1) Their goodies and shop are refreshingly professional and truly stylish.
(2) Although their designs are simple, they somehow manage to feel totally fresh and appealing… in an I’ll-take-a-dozen kind of way.
(2) So it is a really good thing that their prices are incredibly affordable (from $3.50-5.50).

After one look at their delicious knit-jersey flowers, I decided that Coco Penny is a total keeper. The adorable brand name itself is worthy of being the next big thing — someone call Target!

Mother Daugher Hair Flowers

I’m especially loving this whole mother-daughter thing they’ve got going on. How sweet and perfect would these be for mother’s day?! I’m thinking of telling Superdad to forget fresh flowers and get my Mother’s Day bouquet from Coco Penny instead.

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