Free Printable Recipe Binder Kit

As we head back to school, it’s time for us to get back into our routine. I’m sharing our free printable recipe binder kit, which is my secret weapon to help me with one of my biggest chores — getting dinner on the table on weeknights!

In my family our school routine means it’s back to our busy schedule of juggling homework, karate, piano, soccer, Cub Scouts and more… which to me, as the primary family chef and chauffeur, translates into limited time to prepare meals. And since I insist on preparing my family home cooked, whole food meals, organizing recipes and planning meals is essential. I mean, figuring out what’s for dinner is half the battle, right?!?

Enter my new favorite recipe system: our Free Printable Recipe Binder Kit. We’ve teamed up with Avery to create a go-to system for you to organize and customize your meal planning. Our free printables paired with Avery Durable View Binders and Write-on Plastic Dividers with Pockets make for a quick method that enables you to plan and prepare meals with ease. Plus our printable recipe binder kit has a built-in system to help you keep things organized on the fly, more on that in a second.

Love this Free Printable Kit from @PagingSupermom to Organize Your Recipes in a Neat Binder

I had an old binder I started when I was a newlywed in which I never bothered to use tabs or page protectors. You can see that my recipes were out. of. control. I’m so excited about this new Recipe Binder Kit. I tried to think of as many tabs as possible and I’ve included them all in the printable kit.

YIKES! My recipe binder looks like this -- I need to use the Free Recipe Organizing Kit from @PagingSupermom

I invested a couple hours into sorting and filing the recipes we frequently use, and what a difference! Not only are my recipes organized now, but I can easily flip through my binder for menu ideas — it’s my personal cookbook where literally every single recipe is a good one (to my family anyway)! Can I get a Supermom Moment fist bump here?

How to Use Your Printable Recipe Binder Kit

A huge time saver for me was to copy recipes from some of my favorite cookbooks and file it in my binder. Now, when I sit to make my grocery list I don’t have to pull out all my cookbooks — my Recipe Binder is my go-to source for all things cooking. Plus, writing the recipes down provides space to write notes (such as how long something really takes “to brown” or to tweak measurements/ingredients to your tastes).

My recipes are a mess -- I need to use this FREE recipe organizer kit from @PagingSupermom
My recipes are a mess -- I need to use this FREE recipe organizer kit from @PagingSupermom

Once I write a recipe down (or print it from online), I slide the paper into my favorite Avery Heavyweight Sheet Protectors. Of course, you can just as easily hole punch your paper and file it directly into the 3-ring binder, but I love how the protectors keep my recipes clean.

My recipes are a mess -- I need to use this FREE printable recipe binder organizer kit from @PagingSupermom

Also, don’t be afraid to print a recipe a few times to file in multiple sections. For example, my family loves White Bean Chicken Chili. I have it filed in two tabs: Chicken and Crock Pot. Now when I know I have chicken I need to use up, I’ll find the recipe when I reference the Chicken tab, but I’ll also find it when I’m deciding which crock pot meal to prepare on Tuesday. (Every Tuesday is a crock pot meal over here — it’s our CRAZY day — anyone else have those?)

Love these cool pocket dividers from Avery -- perfect for a recipe binder. Get the free printables @PagingSupermom

Avery offers many types of dividers. I recommend the dividers you can write on. It was so simple to organize, and it gives me the flexibility to quickly add another tab when I feel the need. I especially like the Write-on Tabs with Pockets. With these you can use our fun free printable divider pages AND have a pocket to put small recipes. I use the pockets on my divider tabs as a place to store recipes until I try them or if I’m in a rush or just feeling lazy LOL!

Love these cool pocket dividers from Avery -- perfect for a recipe binder kit. Get the free printables @PagingSupermom

Another bonus to Avery products is the Box Tops! We don’t consume many packaged foods in our home, so it’s nearly impossible for us to participate in the Box Tops contests at my boys’ school — but when we get new Avery binders, we get Box Tops!

All the #FreePrintables you need to organize your recipes via @PagingSupermom
Free Printable Recipe Binder Kit Comes in 2 Colors via @PagingSupermom

Our free printable recipe kit includes a cover, back and spine designs. We bundled over 25 various divider pages — simply select and print the pages you need. Also there is a menu page that you can slip into a page protector and use over and over again with a dry erase marker. Or if you like to create week menus to rotate through, you could just print this page four times and write directly on them.

Printable Recipe Binder with Dry Erase Menu via @PagingSupermom

Download Recipe Binder Kit

While we’re on the subject of organization, have you seen this cute free printable kids chore charts from The Crafting Chicks? I love how they divided the morning and evening jobs.

Thank you to Avery for sponsoring today’s post.

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